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Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution

This is my first attempt at putting together my own promo, it was rejected because of the sound quality

May 19 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show

We had a great show yesterday, probably the best so far. The topic: Malcolm X. The occasion? Anniversary of his 82nd birthday. Eliot Morgan and I had a great time talking with the callers. Deneen Borelli called in on our special guest line.
You can download the file here.

We posed the question: What did Malcolm X do? We contrasted the viewpoint and legacies of Malcolm X and Thurgood Marshall.
The one mistake I made was not to focus on the question that Marshall asked: What was the one concrete thing that Malcolm X did.

In segment 3, callers begin to get personal with us.

May 12 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show

Featured guest: Don Boudreaux of George Mason University
Promo for the May 12 show

May 5 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show

Christopher Forman of the Brookings Institution and the University of Maryland
Deneen Borelli of Project 21
Promo for the May 5 show

April 28 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show

Here's the audio from the April 28 interview with Walter E. Williams on the Casey Lartigue Show.

You have three download options for the discussion with Professor Williams.

Rapidshare, File Front, You Send It

Here's the audio of the entire April 28 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show, with the same three options:

Rapidshare, File Front, You Send It

As a reminder, here was the preview of the April 28 show.

Station: XM 169
Time: 8-10 a.m. EDT
Show: The Casey Lartigue Show
Featured Guest: Walter E. Williams (Pictured on left)
Host: Casey Lartigue
Creative Director and Co-host: Eliot Morgan
Topics: Reparations

Here's a sound byte currently running on XM 169. To download the clips, click through to filefront and download.

April 21 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show:

Station: XM channel 169
Time: 8-10 a.m. EDT
Show: The Casey Lartigue Show
Featured guest: Kenn Blanchard, author of Black Man With A Gun
Host: Casey Lartigue
Creative Director and co-host: Eliot Morgan
Topics: Virginia Tech aftermath and calls for gun control

Audio coming soon...

* * *

April 14 edition of The Casey Lartigue Show

8 segments in 1 winrar file. You can use this winrar program to unzip the files to listen.

Station: XM channel 169
Details: 8-10 a.m. EDT
Show: Casey at the Bat!
Host: Casey Lartigue, Jr.
Guest co-host for April 14: La Shawn Barber

Or you can download the clips individually:
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Segment 7
Segment 8



LLR said...

I don’t have XM. I hate that. Will you be posting audio of the show? I would love to hear from WW.

cjl said...

I'm establishing a new web site, I will try to post some excerpts as well as the full show there...


I miss DC said...

Casey, Casey, Casey

Where's Howard Fuller?

I'm pushing the one-man boycott until you get Howard Fuller on the air.

I am outraged!


cjl said...

I miss DC--

Your boycott is two weeks too late!

Dr. Howard Fuller and Dr. Deborah McGriff were my first guests on my first show, March 31, 2007! I received such late notice about the launch on the show that I didn't have a chance to publicize it. I was just scrambling to get everything organized.

I will definitely be inviting them back.


seejanemom said...

I am so thrilled for you!

LaShawn Barber!! WOOT!!! I LOOOOVE agood Conservative HOT female. I wish she would do more on the VENTS at HOTAIR.....LOVE HER!!!

And Walter E. WIlliams is a personal favorite since WAAAAY back !



You should try to get ANGELA McGLOWAN on! She has FABULOUS a new book coming out soon, "Bamboozled". I have read the galley copy that she gave us bloggers at CPAC. You'd love it.


cjl said...


Thanks for that response, Jane! I guess I don't have to wonder who is my number one blogging fan...

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Congrats on the radio gig. When I get XM I will tune in for sure. Looks like your blogs are getting added to my list of cool websites and blogs.

Good luck with the new venture. :-)

Jameson Penn; djconnor said...

Very great news, Casey- congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the preview but I was unable to listen to the actual show in that obscure -.rar file format. :(

cjl said...


The winrar option is there for folks who want to listen to download all eight segments at one time. Winrar definitely works with it; winzip may also unzip the files.

Otherwise, you would need to download the segments one by one.


cjl said...

Thanks vegas guy, jameson penn,


Speedmaster said...

I love Dr. Williams, he's our hero!

seejanemom said...

And YES! I will be GLAD to wear that title. You were such a PERFECT gentleman at CPAC. It really was an honor to spend time with you and hear your thoughts on the direction of the Republican party...

In fact, I am working on a link for you on my sidebar>>>>complete with photo, and you need a place at MYSPACE, if you don't have one>>>a dedicated fan meet up site.

That about covers it>>>and you need to get ANGELA McGLOWAN on!!!


Jason, radical lib(ertarian) said...

Great show! I just finished listening to your Walter Williams show. I don't have XM either, so please, if you don't mind, let us podcast-people download your show.
I really enjoy hearing what your callers have to say, especially the misguided ones, but I would like it if you engaged them a little more. Actually, you did better than most hosts.

cjl said...

Thanks, Jane!

You really should get XM so you can call in! We are getting attacked and need some support...


cjl said...


Thank ya much.

You can podcast it, just please let me know where you post it so I can link it here...

We only have 2 hours per week so I try not to spend too much time with individual callers, that would probably be as boring for listeners as it would be for me...