Juan Williams on SCOTUS ruling on race

Juan Williams writes a very good piece in the New York Times ("Don't Mourn Brown v. Board of Education") on the Supreme Court's ruling on race.

He argues:
1) Brown's time has passed
2) Desegregation "does not speak" to high dropout rates among black and Hispanic students.
3) Doesn't address the racial gap.
4) Despite Brown's presence, America's public schools have re-segregated
5) Parents want to focus more on quality education rather than on integration
6) He even has a kind word for NCLB
7) The court has come full circle--race can't be used to move kids around.


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Anonymous said...

Mr. Lartigue,years ago when segregation was initiated we felt that this was good for our children,all along there has been a change in our black children upbringing. I feel that the caucasian way of dealing with our children hinders them more today than yesterday. Our values are not their values. The manner in which they teach their children is not our way. I do not have a problem with our children being taught by our own people in their schools.