Live Earth--is anyone there?

According to AFP's report on Al Gore's Live Earth held today in Washington, D.C.:

"A few hundred spectators turned out for the concert, which began at 10:30 am (1430 GMT)."

A few hundred? I guess that it isn't such a good idea to hold a concert in the summer in Washington, especially shortly after a holiday. Gore, as a former senator who has lived much of his life in and around D.C. should have known that.


Anonymous said...

Going green is not good news for our government that is supported by big corporations and their lobbies. Washington benefits by keeping citizens in their own shell by envoking fear of others(non-usa inhabitants of this earth). Our corporate run government and its officials benefit by monopolizing and exploitation of natural resources to benefit th 5-6% of the super wealthy who control our gov.... It is not by the people for the people or of the people.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, we should have named the concert in Washington as "Benefit for Libby, cheney, and bush" i bet more people would have shown up