Under The Helicopter, Basket In Hand

It's good to be close to those on top.  Your mistakes get pushed off onto others, you get important notices before The Little Guy, and rules, by and large, do not apply to you.  Banks are concerned about
their bottom lines - what business isn't? - but have no problem getting the goods from both ends, not only a handout from the Feds, but there appears to be no trickle down to their customers from the taxpayer's...I mean, the Federal government's...generosity.

It looks like it may really be helicopter drop to get the economy moving again.  I may have to reconsider my libertarian tendencies long enough to get out a basket and see what falls in.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

Feit money is so dishonest. Right now, anyone who saved is being robbed. Then again, if you know the rules and understand markets; there is some very good money to be made in a downturn. Provided you have a little time on your hands and no need for the money elsewhere.

My favorite Bernanke video:



Anonymous said...

An so misspelled...fiat.