Was Obama voting "present" in church, too?

1) A few months ago I suggested to an Obama supporter that I thought Obama was keeping Rev Jeremiah Wright around to fend off charges that Obama isn't black enough. After all, how could you question the blackness of a man going to the church with a pastor like Wright? In a year, Obama has gone from being "black in an unusual way" to Malcolm X.

2) The Clintons have engaged in some race baiting, but not even in their dreams would they have tied Obama to a firebrand like Rev. Wright. It would not have seemed believable that a Harvard Law graduate would be attending church of such a fool for two decades. Well, I guess Harvard Law grad Eliot Spitzer makes anything about Harvard Law School believable now...

3) Apparently it is a strategic tactic in the Illinois state senate for politicians to vote "present." Perhaps Obama was just voting "present" in church when Rev. Wright was going off.

4) The Clintons survived sex scandals, Whitewater, etc. That Obama's minister is a nut should not derail his presidency.



Anonymous said...


Rev Wright is larger than life to Obama.

The Rev is the Father Figure that replaces the father Obama never had as a child.

NO WAY can Obama break this bond.

Anonymous said...

I've been undecided about the candidates. But Obama's association with Rev. Wright makes it impossible for me to vote or support him.