Korean slang

Slang I've heard from Koreans in the last few days.
Translation, anyone?

멍 때렸어
seems to mean that something "went over my head" or "I was out of my mind for a few minutes" ....(I've been warned not to use this phrase....so I will write it 100 times until I memorize it)

먹을 복이 있다
You seem to be lucky about showing up when it is time to eat.

썰렁 하다
Your joke was so bad that you froze the room.



hatnim2 said...

Did they say that to YOU? Or Did you happen to hear those slangs?

I am curious! - Sandy

Casey Lartigue said...


hatnim2 said...

Both? I hope '먹을복이 있다' is the only one that was said to you....

- Sandy