September 5

That time of the year again. Yes, it is my birthday. I will be hiding from everyone here this weekend. After all, if you take people out on your birthday in Korea, you must pay. No kidding. So I may just take the battery out of my cell and stop answering e-mails until Sunday.

* * *

My buddy and advisor Walter E. Williams will be hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show Friday noon EST-3 p.m. I interviewed him two or three times when I hosted my own show on XM Radio during 2007. I recorded these myself, April 28 and June 9. I interviewed him another time but the idiots at XM 169 could never get me a copy of the show.

* * *

As I mentioned, I went on an MT retreat with the members of my swing dance group. It was fantastic. Drinking, dancing, games, drunken dancing...

I posted a note in Korean on the organization's Website. I got back about 35 touching responses from the group members who heaped all types of praise on me. Unfortunately, 95% of it was in Korean so I struggled with understanding all of it and had even more trouble responding when I did figure it out.

* * *

Last night my coworkers and I celebrated the birthday of one of the Korean staff members by going drinking and eating in 홍대. We know the friend of the manager at one of the places so they kept dumping free food and drinks on us. I will try to return the favor by trying to find the place the next time I'm in the area.

* * *

Went singing again Wednesday night, this time with two teaching assistants at a nearby university. I had edited the paper of one of them so they took me out to eat, then had to endure my singing to finish making the payment for editing.


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Hi.casey! i'm shine. :)
where is visitor board?
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did you go home safely yesterday?
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